Frequently Asked Questions

Q When does your new Beginners class start ? We try and start either one or two new classes per year and we always advertise before hand.

Q Do you have to pay any up front fees ? No you pay as you go for classes unless we run a course .

Q Do you need any special footwear ? We suggest a comfortable pair of shoes that allows you freedom of movement and are not going to restrict you from turning. We strongly advise to avoid trainers, high stiletto heels or open back shoes. This is for your own safety.

Q I have two left feet ? Anyone can learn how to dance. The hardest step is walking onto the Dance Floor.

Q I do not have a partner, do you provide one ? Do not worry we can accommodate you .

Q Do I need to book ? No booking required. We do ask you to fill  in a registration form on arrival, This form is kept confidential between Dance In Time and pupil(s) .The form is required for Health and safety (i.e ) if any emergencies should occur and if you need make us aware of any medical conditions. We always have a fully trained first aid person with us in all our classes.

Q What do I wear ? Comfortable clothing, try and avoid pencil skirts ladies as they do restrict your movement.

Q What is the age group ? Our evening classes are for Adults 18 +. We also run children's classes on Saturday mornings age 5+ to 17 years of age. (All staff and Teachers at Dance In Time are ( CRB Checked and are all up to date. )

Q Do you sell shoes ? Yes we do, we have various suppliers and also will be dealing with City Limits Sheffield. Supadance soon.

Q Can I join half way through a class ? i.e 6 weeks Yes you can as long as you bare in my mind the class will be slightly a head. You can still attend and if you were to find it a little to much we can offer you personal tuition to catch up. We do find a lot of pupils start later and just carry on from that stage where the class is at.

Q Do you close for half term ? No we run all year. We do have a months holiday with the children's classes when they have their six weeks of school.

Q Can you purchase music to Dance to ? Yes you can buy music, Please remember though we do use a variable speed according to the dance and tuition.

Q Where can I go and Dance ? We do provide a monthly Dance night and various events throughout the year, plus we always have pratice time during  the classes. We do encourage our pupils to go out and Dance when and wherever they can. We liaise with other dance schools too.

Q Do you have a medal test system ? We do have a medal test every year for our Adults and Children, plus we are open to share our Medal test day with other schools.

Q Is it a course ? No we keep going as long as the class holds up. Occasionally we will run a 6 weeks course on something different.

Q Do you teach Wedding couples ? Yes we have great success with this and can accommodate you, we will discuss everything before hand before your lesson.