Four Years On

Hi everyone,                 

I cannot believe we are coming up to our fourth year.Its amazing just how much we have done and achieved over the last four years.We have had many highlights from working with the Strictly Stars, many Entertainers and also have liaised with quite a few other Dance schools.We have seen many Wedding couples come through the doors for their first dance and have been so proud of what they have achieved in their dancing.

We have performed on countless occasions and we always like to stretch ourselves to bring our pupils a very well choreographed technical routine. We will be going one further this year at our 4th year celebration party night in September and will be bringing our pupils a most requested Group Paso Doble routine and yes were even taking on the capes.This is something we are all looking forward too especially the Technical side. I have been asked if we teach Paso, we do incorporate it in Latin Line and Sequence. We can teach it in a personal lesson, however because its not classed as a social dance and it is something that is rarely played at Dance evenings we tend not too incorporate it with  our class work. Dance In time has been out on many For Hires and Laura and myself particularly enjoyed a day at Oak wood Junior school teaching the children.

We are very proud of each and everyone of our pupils who have learnt how to dance and to those that have gone one further and have acheived high standards in Medal tests. We are also very pleased with our website that is maintained by Drewy Consultants and has been extremely popular with a lot of people it has even inspired local Dance schools in Derby to set one up and use the same sought of fore mat.

I am still asked what my favourite dance is and I still reply  the one that I am dancing at the time that is my fave. We did have a fabulous master class from Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova this year at our Spring Ball which was very interesting it has sparked new enthusiasm not only for us  but for our pupils as well in Our Rumbas and Cha Cha 's. I still think i need pinching because it has definitely not hit me yet that  i am finally achieving my ultimate goal in life.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my marvellous Team  for all your help and surpport you are  all an amazing group of individuals who all bring character and style to dancing. Special thanks to Caitlin for your superb wit, understanding and incredible teaching skills, professionalism and constant support and a very gifted Dancer and Teacher. A great big Thank you to Laura for you sheer enthusiasm, professionalism, wit, fabulous Teaching skills, Loyalty great choreographer and your fabulous way you take anything on board, . Thank you to Larraine, not only are you  a surperb dancer and fabulous teaching assistant, you bring kindness and constant surpport to us. You are all rocks. The biggest Thank you though. goes out to all of you our pupils past and present, you are the most important to us because without you we would not be able to carry out our passion for dancing and teaching.

Thank you with my very Best wishes and Kind regards

Diane x