The Dances


The dance should be very graceful and fluid, with lots of rotation and the hold should never change.


The dance should look like they are dancing on hot coals, most of the moves should be up on the toes because of the speed. It should be light, bright dance with tricky footwork.

Ballroom Tango

The dance should consist of lots of clipped movements, not fluid like the Waltz.The hold is far more compact and the coulple are much tighter together.

Argentine Tango

The dance is more sensual and intimate than the Ballroom Tango. The couples upper bodies should remain close together and their lower bodies apart. Quite often, the lady will rest her head on the mans chest or their faces will be very nearly touching.

Slow Foxtrot

The dance should flow and glide around the floor. This is a very smooth dance and there should not be no jerkiness.The quicks are generally taken on the toe, slows on the heels.

The Vienese Waltz

The dance should consist of right and left turns with change steps executing between the right and left turns and use in the aid of the dancers to move the other foot. The dance should be graceful and fluid, with lots of rotation and the hold should never change a quiet hold. There should be a slight swaying action, a gentle rise and fall. It should mimic riding on the crest of a wave. Can be a difficult dance as its very fast with limited steps to it.

Cha Cha Cha

The dance should be cheeky, with lots of booty and leg action, with sychronised movements working in parallel with each other. The Cha cha cha and Rumba have the same basic steps, however they are danced to a different rhythm. The Rumba is romantic whereas the Cha cha is a bright and lively dance.

The Rumba

The dance is romantic, there should be good interaction between the dancers to reflect this.The dance relies on the premise of the lady trying to dominate the gentleman with her womanly charms, entice and reject.

The Samba

The fun party dance consisting of various different rhythms,lots of bounce action, wiggling the hips and shaking the body. A flirtatious and exuberant interpretation.

The Paso Doble

The dance should be very dramatic ,marching beat matches the movement of the body. All of the walks should be on the heels, with strong heel leads.It should have elements of Flamenco dancing- this is all in the footwork.

The Jive

A very fast high energy dance with lots of kicks and flicks executed with a beautiful pointed toe and sharpe precise action.

The Salsa

The dance should be sensuous,sexy and fluid with the dancers moving around each other in circular movements. Lots of eye contact and flirtatiousess with each other. Salsa meaning sauce, so the dancers should depict a very hot and spicy interaction with each other, a dance of courtship. A very noisy frame, lots of arms movements, unlike a quiet frame in Ballroom.

The American Smooth

The dance can be performed with steps such as under arm turns, dips and drops and other variations not normally allowed in traditional Ballroom dancing.The dancers are not required to maintain continuous body contact. The dance should have fluid movements with elegant posture in and out of hold. The dance very much resembles hollywood style.